ScreenRun Bonus: The First Run w/The Lady Wan

Chris made a big editing oopsie so our Assault On Precinct 13 episode is delayed a week. In the interim, enjoy some Wan/Scalzo classic.

1 year ago

ScreenRun Bonus: The First Run w/The Lady Wan

Hey there ScreenRun fans!  Chris Scalzo here.  So, funny story.  I messed up the editing of this week’s episode, so unfortunately, we’re going to be delayed a week.  To help ease the pain and make sure you get your Lady Wan fix, I’ve uploaded her guest appearance on my other show, The First Run.  Wan joined me to discuss ‘In The Heights’ and ‘The Lady In The Window’.  We also did a Top 5 focusing on films that could be improved by being a musical.  So enjoy this brief apologetic interlude and we’ll see you next week! As always complaints and commendations can be sent to

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